Friday, July 2, 2010

How doth the little crocodile Improve his shining tail

Dad does most of the cooking.  It's usually breakfast so he hasn't been doing as many burgers lately [drat].  I should pick up some of the cooking duties, it isn't fair to depend on dad.

Ripley's art is definitely improving.  This water lily is quite pretty and should sell well.

My boys are spending quality time together.  I don't know why Hans is teaching Picasso about promotions, it's not like anyone in the family has had a job that had promotions.

Picasso looked quite interested about the idea of books.  Drat, we haven't taken him to the library to read. We should do that.

Thinking about the library, I decided to pop over and read a book about charisma.  I've heard about some books being fantastic on the subject but they are awfully expensive.

Dad and I had a nice talk about things.  Unfortunately he is getting a bit absent-minded in his old age and does stuff like tell me his favourite colour, for the billionth time.  Yeah, Dad, it's spice berry.  Can we talk about something else?  Like your grandson?

Ok, this was a bit too much family togetherness.  But I had to go and I really didn't want to interrupt the boys when they were so close to finishing.

I think Dad is feeling a bit under the weather.  Twice when Ripley tried to romance him, he refused.  That's not like Dad, he loves Ripley and usually adores it when she flirts.

Hans and I didn't have any problems at all.

Picasso is learning to walk.  Hans is improving his guitar.

Johnny and Dad both have the inventing bug.

I'm worried about Johnny, he's not a typical teen.  He never has friends over, doesn't have a girlfriend, doesn't ask about going out late.  Nothing.  He's really quite...dull?


  1. This family needs a shake up. They are stuck in a rut and need jostling out of it.

    I haven't decided how the shake up will happen.

  2. Shake em up, PiB. You'll think of something.

    I'd agree that the bathroom scene was just a little too much togetherness. Picasso is so cute with Hans hair color. It really works well on that little boy.

    Is that the tent behind Johnny? Maybe he should move out there until he decides to be interesting.

  3. I was surprised that Brooke didn't shoo the boys out. I was sure she would.

    will entertain suggests on what to do with the family.
    Sam is overdue for the Reaper but the rest of them need to pick up their game before I stop loading them up.

  4. Hmm, they must really be getting's so quiet here.

  5. Suggestions? Hmmm, I'll think about it. It might be interesting if River came back. She wasn't really dead! It was all a mistake! Or she's reborn. Or cloned or ...

    Could it be as simple as throwing another sim in the mix? Or taking one or two out?

  6. The real problem is that they are being very dull about wants.

    Over in the World Adventures, I was trying to convince Phillip to be a party playboy. And he insisted on Vanessa instead. Johnny isn't cut out to be party or playboy.

    Hans and Brooke seem very content with one child. Nothing really different there.

    I might start by moving them out of the Mosquito Cove and see if a new place livens them up a bit.

  7. Some generations are just content to go through the day to day. It might be up to Picasso to liven things up.

  8. Sammy spawn usually don't get quite so dull.

    Ah well, I've updated here, now to play the world adventuring Grants. I think Phillip was nearly ready to leave home and we'll follow him after making sure Eric and Katie do their part to populate the town.

    Ah but first - Twallan has already updated the story progression another several times since I downloaded it. Time for updates.

  9. If you update the main mod, make sure you update all the add ons that you're using. I forgot to update one and that was the source of my problems.

  10. Maybe Hans is telling Picasso that if he has a regular job, he'll probably make more money but he'll be chained to a desk.

    Poor Sammy, getting old and repeating stuff. Isn't that the way with elders.

    LOL at the bathroom togetherness scene.

    Sorry I didn't get back this morning. I got abut two hours sleep last night and couldn't concentrate. I don't even know why I'm awake now.

    Hmmmm, want to shake things up huh? Maybe Picasso will be a ladies man. He could be a PI or inventor or firefighter.

    Glad to hear you got your problem fixed Chrysame.

  11. Poor Dee. I've had times when I get way too little sleep. It's zombie city the next day.

    Someone in the family needs to start thinking about money. Soon. They were a bit over 20,000 and have slowly slid back to 14,000. It's Friday afternoon, if Sammy lives to Sunday noon, he collects a lot of royalties. But he is 97 days old, that's a big if.

    If Johnny goes overseas for his collection, he needs to earn a fair amount while he's there.

  12. I agree, that is not a lot of moneys. That's a lot of mouths to feed in one house.

    I hope I remember right. I believe Johnny went overseas a while back and didn't do too well with the money side of things. Or was it the collections? i'm too lazy right now to go back and read.

  13. The last overseas trip was Hans, Brooke and Johnny. Twice over Hans and Brooke wanted a new baby while overseas. Twice over, the next day it crashed. So on the third load up, I sent them home before they really had a chance to do much since I'd done it twice already.

    So that trip was a serious bust money wise. Usually they make more money while on holiday then they spent to get there.

  14. I knew there was some reason there wasn't money to be got. Just had all the other things mixed up.

  15. I'll think about how to make them more interesting for the next time I get back here.

  16. I thought the update was interesting. I do know though that when playing and they just won't do anything exciting, it can be very boring.
    When I am playing and they stop doing or wanting something different I lose interest in them. I also lose interest when mine have accomplished everything I want them to.

  17. Thanks Dee, it's good to know I can make the post entertaining. Even when the family in question hasn't been to much entertainment themselves.

    I think Johnny is the target...poor thing simply hasn't found much in the way of friends or interests.

  18. Hope you get some sleep, Dee.

    You'll think of something, PiB.

  19. Maybe you could have him do a lot of inventing and invent a time machine of that digger thing. That would be interesting. I would think anyway.

    Thank you Chrysame. I going to be leaving in just a minute. If I go to sleep this early, I'll probably be up before daybreak but really don't care right now. As PiB said, Zombie City here.
    Tomorrow I'll be a new person.

  20. I know when I hit a rut, I have someone pick a fight. However, I am very mean to my Sims. ^^ And it certainly doesn't work in every situation!

    The bathroom picture cracked me up! They really are such a cute family. :) I wonder what Grandpa's issue is... Ripley is in her nightgown, after all. I'm surprised it's not the other way around. ;)

  21. Thanks for stopping by Kaleeko. I think I really have to do something about Johnny. It's unnatural for a teen male to be quite so quiet and dull.

    Sam seems to be a bit crotchety now. Not surprising, he is a grumpy Sim and 97 or 98 days old. But twice he refused Ripley's advances and usually he's quite romantic with his spouse. Every time I play, I wait for the reaper to fetch some. So far, no.

  22. Oh Johnny... I wonder if he's going to do anything exciting soon? :L
    and Picasso is SO adorable!! :D

  23. Picasso is adorable - as for Johnny, you'll get there.