Thursday, December 30, 2010

They wept like anything to see Such quantities of sand

Johnny came over in a bit of a state. He's still worried about Alaina and what she might be planning to do about Catherine. He brought Catherine and his new girl Shannon along.

Of course, my little brother always has been a worry wart. I'm sure it can be solved with some adult discussions.

Yes, typical Johnny. First he had me promise to keep one eye on Catherine. Keep her safe for him. Then he launched into his conspiracy theory.

Except this one sounds different. No green aliens that kidnap men to make them pregnant.  Nothing about the hidden places you can find Big Foot. Nothing about spiked juice or stuff that makes you crazy.

Instead it was a perfectly normal type of story. An impending custody battle with Alaina trying to take sole custody of Catherine. Sole custody? No wonder that Johnny has gone a bit mental.

Before he could explain any more details, his phone rang.

Whatever it was, it took a long time for him to finish that phone conversation.

Our girls took the time to get to know each other a bit. They are so close in age, it will be good for them if they get to be friends. They may have been born in the same house but they haven't really had much of a chance to hang out until recently.

Picasso had been upstairs giving little Leo a bottle. I got him caught up with the basics of what was happening with his uncle. Pretty much told him what Johnny told me. Which might have been a bit of a mistake.

He offered to help by spying on Alaina. What made that leap into his mind?

Apparently she has a reputation known to the high school boys. She thinks she can gain sole custody if she's that well known in town?

My son has a good heart but no brain. I pointed out that his hair would be a real hindrance to any spy activities. It's so bright it can be seen at night and the only people in town with that shade of red all live in this house.

He went off for a few minutes and came back.

Not bad, the bandanna keeps the hair from showing. The clothes are pretty typical teen, nothing that would catch the eye.

Still, there's no need for Picasso to spy on Alaina. I'm sure Johnny is just twisting himself into a knot for no reason.

When Johnny finally got off the phone, he had a serious chat with Catherine.

Gave his daughter a big hug.

Then walked out the door without a word to the rest of us.

Why? Where on earth is Johnny going?

Poor Catherine. She's caught in the middle. I've promised to keep an eye on her and I'll keep that promise until Johnny gets back.

Though he left a few hours ago now and we've no idea when he might be back.

I'll talk to Catherine. See what she makes of it all. What did Johnny tell her and what does her mom want?

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Walrus and the Carpenter Were walking close at hand

No, it's bedtime and I still don't know where my precious little Pumpkin is.

I rang Brooke but she didn't know.

I rang the school but they said she left with the other kids.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No birds were flying overhead-- There were no birds to fly.

Our little Lizzie is starting to make friends in town. Her new acquaintance is the son of Thomas and Zayne Leman. I'm looking forward to her bringing home some friends.

Barnacle Bay isn't that big but it's still taking time for the family to feel at home. Picasso in particular had to start all over again getting to know people at school. Elizabeth at least never went to school back in Sunset Valley.