Monday, July 16, 2012

The world will be thy widow and still weep

While I could have wished that our first night as a married couple would have been under our own roof, that just wasn't to be. We just didn't have time to settle the paperwork on the new house after the wedding.

Jared and I were still pretty happy about everything though.

"Whatcha so excited over, Jared?"

"Cat, I just married the prettiest girl in town and I found out that work gave me a few days off." He waggled an eyebrow at me. "Can you guess what I think we should do?"

I pretended to concentrate on the question. "Let's see. Maybe you think we should spend some time with the Save the Llama foundation?"

He shook his head sadly. "No, that wasn't it. Try again?"

"Read for the blind?" More sad shakes of the head. "Adopt a cat?" "Start a new exercise regime?"

"Now you are getting close. I think we need some exercise." He was wearing the cheekiest grin. "Actually, I think we need a lot of exercise."

I had to grin back. "I do believe that you are a wicked man. Good thing I can keep you from corrupting any poor innocent girl." I looked at the treehouse which was dark and quiet. "Shall we?" I pointed.

The ladder up to the treehouse was a bit scary, it wasn't very sturdy. But the treehouse itself was very well made.

Sturdy yes, but unfortunately not very well sanded. There were definitely some splinters in the floor. That was an ouch. It was worth every moment of that ouch though.

Dad was outside finishing his latest sculpture and keeping an eye out that Mason or Dixie didn't interrupt us. Not that they'd do it deliberately but it's not a very big house.

After exploring the treehouse pretty thoroughly, we settled in for a nice long soak in the hot tub.

"Hey beautiful. When do the kids go to bed?"

"Soon, why?"

"I think I need some more exercise, if you catch my drift."

We both stopped to listen but the sounds of my young siblings seemed to have vanished. "I think we're good. Hey, Mr Policeman. You want to frisk me for hidden weapons?"

"Hmm, now there's an offer a cop doesn't hear. Now let me see." Technically, my bikini didn't really cover that much but Jared did an admirable job of checking. Just in case.

The next morning, bright and early, we heard that final paperwork on our new house had just come through.

I will miss this little house. It may be small but it has everything you could want.

Like the best dad ever.

"Daddy, we have to go."

"I know, Kitten. I know." He pulled me into a big hug. "Barnacle Bay isn't that big. I expect you to visit here a lot." He grinned. "With my first grandchild in tow. Have a son for that guy of yours, he'll love it."

I pretended a pout. "But Daddddddy. Does that mean you didn't love me?"

"Always Kitten. I've always loved you."

I gave Dad another big hug. "Don't forget, you are my bass man. I'll arrange some band time soon." There was a small beep from the car. Dad gently shoved me toward the door. "Go on, we will survive."

Jared had an old clunker of a car that he'd bought with his policeman salary. It certainly wasn't much but it would have to do.

"Catherine, this is it."

I looked at the front. "This can't be right. That's twice the size of Dad's place."

Jared checked the paperwork and the number on the letterbox. "Definitely the right place." He looked at me. "How did your dad swing this? I know he does ok with selling his sculptures but this place would be worth a pretty penny."

I shrugged. "Dad swears he found a genie and it granted him wealth. Let's go explore!"

"Oh no you don't, my new bride. I carry you in. That's the law and you know I have to enforce the law."

"You going to insist on silly old traditions?"

"Unless I think of some silly new traditions I like better." At this point, he'd already swept me off my feet and so just went ahead and carried me inside.

"Upstairs or downstairs first?" I asked.

"I want to find the kitchen. I'm hungry. I'll make a batch of my famous waffles for our first breakfast."

I left Jared to the kitchen while I explored the rest of the house. The upstairs consisted of two really quite large bedrooms and a tiny little bathroom. Downstairs was a big lounge, a big kitchen, a dining room and another tiny little bathroom.

By the time I had finished, so had the waffles. Black smoky waffles. "Those are famous waffles?" I asked.

Jared huffed at me. "I never said what they were famous for. In this case, famous for awful." He winked. "I think the stove is a bit hotter than I was expecting. They'll be better next time."

We survived the breakfast. Having been in boarding school means that I'm kind of used to food that's not that great.

"So, we've seen the house. Now, what should we do today?"

"I think we need to go on a date. Really enjoy the town while we can."

So we did a few of the tours around town. City Hall, the theatre. Unfortunately it was still too early for the first show of the day.

We stopped by the local art gallery. Dad and Muffin were there.

I suppose that Dad is allowed to play squeaky toys with Muffin since he's donated a lot of work over time to the gallery. It was a surprise to see them playing though.

Eventually, we wandered home again to find that our new home also had a hot tub.

It was a perfect end to a perfect first day as a married couple.


For reasons that are not adequately explained, Catherine's cousin Leonardo moved in with Johnny and family after Cat and Jared moved out. Leo just turned young adult, a lack of empty houses is the only reason that he didn't just find himself a place to live.

Mason has a job and is dating Shandra Fleet.


Bonus pics
Mason, put down the drink before you pillow fight.

(sigh killed game trying to track down unicorn.)

Too many clothes when cooking Jared - better not get used to that.

Help! Someone stole our car.

New house which will be getting work done as we go.

pre makeover

post makeover

bedroom pre makeover

Bedroom post makeover

Monday, April 9, 2012

Grant, if thou wilt, thou art beloved of many

Since no one was awake when we got home, Jared spent the night. We kept each other entertained until the wee hours of the morning. Neither of us got quite enough sleep, but it will do.

I finally remembered that I'm not going to be asked to do random performances at school any more and put on a more casual dress. We always wore semi-formal looking clothes at school, you just never knew.

"So, you're the young man my daughter is swooning over?" It didn't take Dad long to decide that it was time to have a heart to heart with Jared.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unthrifty loveliness, why dost thou spend Upon thyself thy beauty's legacy?

It was bright and early in the morning. I was up and ready to rock the world.

Dad chose then to poke his head and seriously rumpled hair out of his room. "Hey, Dad."

"Yes, Kitten?"

Friday, January 13, 2012

As truth and beauty shall together thrive

Finally home. I'm so happy, I'm finally home.

I can't wait to see everyone. It feels like it's been forever and ever since I've been home. I could never get up the cash to come back even just for a weekend. And most weekends, we had assignments. Boarding school had a lot of assignments and outings to keep us busy.

Then the summers were for part time jobs so I could afford a few luxuries during the school year. Barnacle Bay doesn't have much employment for teens so I stayed near the school.

All up, coming home just wasn't possible.

Check it out, even the deer celebrate that I'm finally back.

By the time I got home, it was getting dark and I was tired from the travel. But there was a lot I wanted to do.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Just some random pics while waiting for Catherine

Pictures from the last two days while we were patiently waiting for Catherine to come home. No story, just pics.

Quick note - in case you've forgotten. John Edward (Johnny) Grant has a half sister Brooke. Brooke and husband Hans have three children; Picasso, Elizabeth and Leonardo. Johnny's oldest is Catherine from his first wife. Mason and Dixie are children from his second wife.

I'm still not fond of IF but little Dixie loves hers.

Sleepover night == cocoons of children everywhere. They just seem to flop where ever there is space at bedtime. Zonk.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beauty's effect with beauty were bereft

Dad! I'm so excited. It's nearly the end of my schooling here. I should be headed home real soon now.

I'm sure you will be impressed with everything that I've learned. Music of all sorts, art and sculpture of all styles. It's been an intense time.

There's no one here that I'll particularly miss though. I've never really connected with any of other kids really fully. Penpals for a few years and slowly drift away from each other is my guess.

I can tell that Dixie is getting her unfair share of attention. Between you and Shannon, I bet Dixie rarely has more than a few minutes of being hungry or lonely before one of you turns up.