Friday, January 13, 2012

As truth and beauty shall together thrive

Finally home. I'm so happy, I'm finally home.

I can't wait to see everyone. It feels like it's been forever and ever since I've been home. I could never get up the cash to come back even just for a weekend. And most weekends, we had assignments. Boarding school had a lot of assignments and outings to keep us busy.

Then the summers were for part time jobs so I could afford a few luxuries during the school year. Barnacle Bay doesn't have much employment for teens so I stayed near the school.

All up, coming home just wasn't possible.

Check it out, even the deer celebrate that I'm finally back.

By the time I got home, it was getting dark and I was tired from the travel. But there was a lot I wanted to do.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Just some random pics while waiting for Catherine

Pictures from the last two days while we were patiently waiting for Catherine to come home. No story, just pics.

Quick note - in case you've forgotten. John Edward (Johnny) Grant has a half sister Brooke. Brooke and husband Hans have three children; Picasso, Elizabeth and Leonardo. Johnny's oldest is Catherine from his first wife. Mason and Dixie are children from his second wife.

I'm still not fond of IF but little Dixie loves hers.

Sleepover night == cocoons of children everywhere. They just seem to flop where ever there is space at bedtime. Zonk.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beauty's effect with beauty were bereft

Dad! I'm so excited. It's nearly the end of my schooling here. I should be headed home real soon now.

I'm sure you will be impressed with everything that I've learned. Music of all sorts, art and sculpture of all styles. It's been an intense time.

There's no one here that I'll particularly miss though. I've never really connected with any of other kids really fully. Penpals for a few years and slowly drift away from each other is my guess.

I can tell that Dixie is getting her unfair share of attention. Between you and Shannon, I bet Dixie rarely has more than a few minutes of being hungry or lonely before one of you turns up.