Friday, May 28, 2010

And his answer trickled through my head like water through a sieve.

Two of the best looking men in town.  It was Hans's first try at caring for the baby and he found the experience a bit confusing.  He picked up the baby and had no idea what to do next.  I have to get him to talk to Dad about this.

We decided to head off to China.  Johnny had a research paper to write on Chinese customs.  Hans and I came along to make sure he didn't get in too much trouble.  Dad said he'd rather stay home and watch Picasso.

Johnny wasted no time in setting off to explore a couple of important cultural locations.  The first was the Hall of Warriors in the Forbidden City.

He soon found a secret passage down to an area not meant for tourist.  Exploring tombs requires moving a lot of heavy objects.

In the meantime, Hans had a bit of a slap fest with a training dummy.  I'm pretty sure that he's meant to hit it a bit more strongly but he is only just learning.

As for me, I went to a garden to take pictures then practice my guitar.  That kept me busy most of the afternoon.

Johnny was finding the area under the Forbidden City fascinating.  Though he did mention that maybe others had been by.  There was treasure but it wasn't nearly as valuable as the stuff from Egypt had been.

He still had to work pretty hard to get any where.  There was a lot of rock to clear.

But he found the missing artifact for one of the natives.

She did give him some coins for his troubles but he would have loved a new relic for his collection at home.

Johnny came to camp to practice his cooking skills.

While Hans and I practiced our loving skills.  Very important to keep those up.

Hugging is not the only loving skill that you should practice.  The more often the better.

The next day I tried the training dummy.  Even slapping it is harder than I thought.

Hans had a couple of practice matches with a local expert.  He tells me that you can learn a lot from a good teacher.

Johnny decided to brave the Dragon Cave.  I wouldn't have gone near the place myself, Johnny is just a dot on the tongue and it's breathing smoke all the time.  Scary.

He found a number of small things; bags of money, ancient coins and the occasional gem.

He also had to deal with a few of the less savory residents, the bugs. Johnny isn't a scaredy cat but he wasn't happy about an arm of bugs.

I decided to get into the act by collecting minerals for someone who rang me up to  ask about it.  Maybe next time I need to pick some adventuring clothes along with my regular stuff.

I did manage to improve my guitar skills.  I can serenade Hans now.  And he loves it.

All too soon, we were headed home again.

I've never been sure about Ripley myself.  She hasn't been a bad step mom but she doesn't feel like a real mom.  But she does make dad very very happy.  And that makes me happy.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at!

So Dad and Ripley still indulge in their art.  Ripley is doing a portrait of Dad, that should be interesting.

I did mention that I put out a tent for Hans and I.  My room has no space for a double bed.  We have some workmen coming soon to fix this but the tent will do.

I was so nervous.  But I had to do it.  I had to tell Hans that he was about to be a daddy.  What if he freaks?  What if he dashes for the hills?

Hans was thrilled by the news.  So much so, he proposed.  He is looking forward to being a daddy.

I hope for a little boy.  Hans just wants a healthy happy baby.

My growing belly fascinated Hans.  He talks to it, rubs it, and listens to it.

Our baby is going to know his daddy long before he or she is born.

Johnny met up with his old elementary school friend Francisca at the library.  My friends tell me that they are likely to be friends always but never more than friends.  There were just no sparks in this meeting.

My guitar playing is steadily improving.  I'm able to earn tips now, that should be fantastic.

With the baby getting closer, we should start thinking about that wedding.  I'm going to ask Hans if he'd mind being a Grant.  Cusark-Montgomery is rather a mouthful.

Dad's art is interesting.  Not the most realistic I've ever seen.

This is Ripley's portrait of Dad.  I'm not sure I like the styling, I was hoping for something more realistic.

The workmen came and finished our new bedroom.  My old room should be perfect for a nursery for the little bub.

Promising the baby toys before it is even born.  I think Hans is going to be such a great dad.

He has bunny slippers?  Bunny slippers that much his undies?  That's a bit ... wild.

We decided against a party.  The timing wasn't good for it to happen.  We did invite Byron over and of course my family are all here.

Still, the important things remained the same, no matter how they happened.  We exchanged rings.

And became husband and wife.  Mr and Mrs Grant.

Sometime not long after this, Hans's dad died.  We were not expecting it, he was younger than Ripley.  But when the Reaper calls, you have to follow.  There are no options.

After the wedding, Dad finally decided that the impeding grandchild was a good thing.  He started really looking forward to his grandchild and starting giving me tips on child development.

I had a few questions about feeding babies.  Dad didn't think that bit was hard.  Babies are good at letting everyone in earshot that it's time for food.

Dad is going to be wonderful as a granddad.  Though I'm sure he'll spoil the baby to bits if we give him a chance.

Hey, this hurts!  I know that the books say it will but I guess I thought it was an exaggeration.  Hans dancing around like that is not helping either.

All went well at the hospital.  We have a son, Picasso.  The most beautiful baby in the world.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance?

Would you believe it?  I'm setting up for my birthday party.  Tonight, I stop being a teenager.  I am so ready to get out of school, you just wouldn't believe it.

Dad made up the guest list.  Which means that I don't know people like Sierra Nevada and her second husband very well.  But at least it's a party.

The family all came to cheer me on.  Dad was the most excited, but Johnny was pretty enthused.

Make a this is the hard part.  What do you wish for?  Ummm....well, I better not say any way.  It's bad luck to say your wish.

I was standing there for what felt like hours waiting for my picture to be taken.  Close my eyes for a moment and blam.  That's when the picture is finally taken.

Sierra had to leave the party.  She was feeling a bit off.

I still find it hard to believe that Hans's dad Byron is evil.  I can see why Hans is so cute, his dad is pretty darned dashing for an old guy.

I was beginning to think that Hans was never going to make the party.  We wanted to surprise him with his cake but he didn't arrive until well after I had blown out my candles.  But he finally came and now he's a young adult too.

Dad still likes him.  He was sharing recipes over the cake, then he was the one who asked Hans to stay the night.

No idea why Dad suddenly popped out of bed with such an odd look.   He had me worried for a moment but nothing really happened that I could see.

Mmmm, check out Hans now.  He's as hot as the hair colour of his.

The kisses are just as hot as everything else about him.  Mr Ultra-HotStuff, you will be mine.

My bedroom is too small for two so I pitched a tent in the yard and that's where Hans and I slept.  Well, we slept after engaging in a few other activities.

Just thinking of Hans leaves me dreaming of romances and roses.

Dad finally broke down and added a second bathroom downstairs.  Four people and one bath can be a bit like all out war over who gets in first.  Two bathrooms should help.

Dad isn't writing much but he is painting more.  He really could have done well with art if he hadn't enjoyed the benefits of royalties so much.

Hans and I didn't take any precautions the other night while we were having fun.  I have a bad feeling about the results.  How am I going to break the news to Hans?

Worse, how am I going to break the news to Dad?  I don't think I can stomach a talk on the stupidity of no protection.