Saturday, June 12, 2010

"You are old, father William," the young man said, "And your hair has become very white..."

Our little Picasso never lacks for attention. Sometimes it takes a little time for someone to notice him, guitar playing and painting both require so much concentration that we don't always notice the baby. But someone will get there before too long.  It was sweet of Ripley to help out.  I think she's hoping for a grandchild from Johnny before too long but he still hasn't met any girls he really likes.  Or boys for that matter.

Hans still makes my heart flutter.  Once we start a bit of romance

the rest of the world fades away and there is only Hans.  He is my heart's desire and everything that a woman could ask for.

And a wee bit on the heavy side to do this.

Dad's first thought in the morning was to take care of the baby.   I'm a bit worried about Dad, he keeps muttering this line "You are old, father Sammy."  Is 96 so old?  He doesn't look different to me.

Yes, I did finally get a turn with the baby.  I was beginning to think it would never be my turn.

Ripley is working on a new portrait of dad.  Dad is working on a little abstract, he's almost done.

But he let's himself do other things.  He's finally decided that the family has enough cash in hand to get by and it's up to the rest of us to worry about finance now.  We do have about 17,000 stashed away and the house does have far better furniture and some art work.  If anyone has earned serious "Me" time, it would be Dad.

Even Johnny has been in to care for the baby.  Ripley and Dad were painting.  I was at the park practicing guitar and earning tips.  Hans was out too.  So when the baby needed someone, Johnny was the nearest person and he feed the baby then cuddled him.

Family meal time.  Ripley finished the new version of Dad's portrait.

Then it was time for Picasso's birthday.  Our baby is nearly a toddler.  Dad claimed the honour of bringing his first grandchild to the birthday cake.

Picasso Grant.  Does that hair remind you of someone?  Red hair, green eyes and quite the adorable toddler.

Adorable and hungry.  Poor mite, he was too sleepy after the birthday to have a bottle and now he's very hungry.

Hans and I both want our boy to be walking and talking.  He seems to be picking up walking very fast.