Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another time mine eye is my heart's guest

Technical note - this blog is very likely to be mostly pictures from here on out. We'll see.

One thing I've learned about life with a baby. Sleep is very important. Because babies don't let you get nearly enough of it.

I can't blame Jackson. It's not his fault that he gets hungry at 3 in the morning. But I can hardly wait until he sleeps all night instead of needing attention.

Fortunately, he's a good sleeper if his tummy is full so I could curl up next to Jared again.

Jared usually has to be up and out of the house fairly early, he has always had the early shift at the police station. Which is why I do most of the baby wrangling at night. Jared has to get his sleep in.

I do get a good reward though, Jared makes breakfast for us the moment he gets up. Usually with the minimum amount of clothing that he feels won't excite any peeping toms in the neighbourhood.

So I get both a show and a good breakfast.

This morning though, wasn't much fun. I was trying to do laundry when the machine decided to flood the entire kitchen.

I managed to rescue the clothes but it was a near thing. We both had to be extra cautious not to slip and not to electrocute ourselves.