Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sims with sims war not, joy delights in joy

Hi Dad,

Tell Shannon that withholding cookies until a letter arrives is blackmail! Positively blackmail. And it works too. So the box of cookies should be sent soon, please? We could all starve if the cookies don't arrive.

Things are going well enough. The school does insist that we do a few things beyond art, like maths and history. Everyone complains when we do them but I have a feeling that knowing things beyond art is a good idea. How else will I know if an agent rips me off if I don't know enough about money?

I've moved to a different art class. I don't think you'd like our teacher, he insists that all great artists are at least slightly mad. I'm pretty sure that you're not mad, and from what you've said about granddad, he wasn't either.

In music, I'm doing well on guitar and keyboard but not so well on drums or bass. So if you haven't gotten a band together by the time I get home, well, you'll just have to be my bass man.

Wow, so much stuff happening at home. There's a new pet store? And you bought a bird because you just fell in love with it?

I can't wait to meet Green Hornet. He sounds pretty cool and he is very handsome in that picture you sent. Does he talk yet?

I'm so jealous that there's a ice cream van in town now. I can't image how many summer evenings would have been even better with ice cream.

So I'm sending a few simoleons to give to Mason. Tell him to enjoy an ice cream from his big sister, won't you?

You adopted a cat too?  He's a bit hyper but doesn't destroy stuff. Hyper might not be good if he runs around too much, but I guess you know what you're doing. I can see why you called him Mittens, with those four white paws.

Shannon tells me that she's not impressed that you still panic when a baby is due. It's your third time around after all and she has to do all the hard work.

She didn't even trust you to drive, you were in such a state.

The result is that I have a little sister and you've named her Dixie? I'm glad that everything went smoothly and Shannon and Dixie are both fine.

I used the picture you sent as inspiration in painting class. About half the girls were very excited by the ideas of babies and half thought babies were icky things. The boys universally thought that babies are icky things.

That's a new bird, a new cat and a new baby all in the space of a week? Wow, Dad, were you thinking at all? Maybe I was wrong, you are mad. Just teasing. At any rate, it sounds like you are going to be very busy with the baby and pets.

Give my love to everyone, I hope I can make it home soon.


Technical note: Cat did ring home with the message about 'Great Artists are Mad'. It was the first time we've heard from her since she left.

The return of Sir Bricks-a-lot. I hate to think how many of these my Sims 2 made with the toy bench, trying to improve their skills. I laughed to see him.