Sunday, August 22, 2010

Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.

Last time we went travelling, I found this little guy in one of the treasure chests buried deep in a tomb. Little Napoleon is very cute.

Alaina, Catherine and I moved house. It's long since time that Brooke and Hans got some breathing space, Brooke is hoping for another baby.

Here's our new spot. It's a pretty house near town hall. No swamp surrounding the place.  I am not going to miss that water. All the insects in town call all night looking for mates. Noisy.

My latest sculpture, the Siren Beckons. I've been working in clay long enough, time to try wood or metal.

Brooke sent over a picture of Elizabeth, who just had her birthday. Looks like she might be taking after her mom.

My newest work. The redwood sink. Would you believe that I'm so good this was a working sink when I finished?

We invited some friends and family over to help us celebrate that Catherine was about to become a toddler.

Hey little fellow, how did you get on the table? Is the view better up there?

Who's daddy bestest girl? You are!

Alaina's dad Jared Frio died some time ago. But her mom Graciela is still with us, she's sitting at the table.

Did your grandmom have blond hair when she was younger? Cause you didn't get that hair from my side of the family Sweetkins.

Blond does suit you Sweetkins. Daddy loves you to pieces, you should know that.

Alaina is a cop and has been working on her logic skills.  Enough that she can tutor younger Sims, so she spent some time tutoring Picasso.


  1. Awww, I love 'im and he's giving a thumbs up. :) And the mermaid. I love the mermaid.
    Elizabeth and Catherine are so adorable!
    Johnny the doting daddy. I love it all.
    I think it's great that they can actually use the things they make and that we can recolor them.

  2. Elizabeth has gorgeous eyes. And Johnny has a little blondie in the house! He does seem quite pleased with his children.

    I do enjoy the sculptures. I hope they add more as the game goes on. It's funny that they can sculpt working plumbing, chairs, etc.

  3. Hey Dee, now I just need to get the Chinese gnome so you can see him. Napoleon is pretty cute.

    Johnny has done some nice sculptures already. The mermaid and the fish were both gorgeous.

    Johnny is a doting daddy, course he is. I'm still not sure how Elizabeth got that eye colour or how Catherine is blond. :)

    Chrysame, it's pretty weird sculpting working plumbing from wood. :)

  4. Aww, two very cute little girls! And yes, I concur, great sculptures that Johnny has been working on.

    Wood plumbing though... Hmm, yeah. A little weird. ;)

    I've had weird genetics show up like that too, PiB. No idea how it happens, maybe the game just likes to throw random things in every now and then to spice things up.

  5. Thanks Kaleeko. Catherine just melted her daddy's heart. One look and he was gone. :)

    I thought carving a sink was more than a bit strange. But it earned far more than his clay work so he was happy.

    I like having the occasional bit of a different look.

    Now, dare I read your next blog...oh my.

  6. Hahaha, so I take it you didn't keep the sink then? ;) I imagine it'd probably be worth more to sell than to use, though.

    It is nice to have some different genes, but I do wish that, in my case, Amelia had inherited Mere's green or Jeb's blue eyes, instead of her lavender eye color. It's pretty, but not at all what I expected.

    Hehe, next blog is a bit of a doozy. Lots of angry Emerald! :D

  7. It was his best price to date 150 for the sink.

    I haven't looked at Mere's eyes but I had Jeb in the stylist one day to see what he looked like with different hair. He has very nice eyes behind those lens. Some of the short hair styles I liked but the longer ones seemed just wrong on Jeb.

    Yep, Emerald is on the war path! And Jennifer caught up with your blog. :)

  8. Oooh, that's not bad. :) What level sculpting does he have? I have a feeling that even top level, painting makes more. Painting makes ridiculous amounts of simoleans.

    Mere's eyes are a rather dark green so it's hard to see. As for Jeb... there's a reason he's practically a skinhead, haha. I even wanted to give Bradley mad scientist hair, but it just didn't look right, at least not for his teen years. Maybe later on.

    Hahaha, war path... Now I imagine Emerald with Thor's Hammer, smiting boys out of her way. Aaahhh... They deserve it.

    Also, belatedly: Mini Napolean is adorable. :D I'm sure he actually needs to stand on a table to see anything, too. Even the real one. Hehe.

  9. The price for sculptures depends on the subject and the base material used. Wood is more valuable then clay. I haven't had him finish a metal one yet but that should be worth more than the clay.

    Not sure of his level - about 4 I think.

    Hmm, according to Carl's guide, topiary is the thing. He says his Sim was averaging 900 an hour making topiary.

    At the moment, I'm going for one of the challenges. He has to make 5 of each kind of sculpture to gain a permanent boost to speed.

    Smite them boys! Borrow Kaleeko's fry pan if you can't find the hammer.

    :) Glad you like the gnome. They are all cute.

  10. I love those conversation of him with his daughter. Whoa, the sink and it's working! It's always exciting to find out what the next object a sculpture would make.

  11. Thanks MJ. Johnny loves his baby, I wonder how long till he starts wanting another.

    A working sink, I was blown away by that idea. There are a lot of sculptures to unlock, there is a list I've seen and it's huge.